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76018, Україна, м. Івано-Франківськ, вул. Вовчинецька,26, 

код ЄДРПОУ 36996741, ІПН 369967409157, Св. пл. ПДВ 100296951,  тел./факс  (0342) , 71-16-55

р/р 26008272902 МФО 380805 Банк  «Райффайзен банк «Аваль» Інд.№ 36996741

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Limited Liability Company "PMK-77"

76018, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vovchynetska Str.,26,
code EDRPOU 36996741, TIN 369967409157, VAT 100296951, tel./fax: (0342) , 71-16-55
acc. 26008272902 MFO 380805 Bank "Raiffeisen Bank Aval ind Nr. 36996741

Construction company in the form of Limited Liability Company "PMK-77" together with its strategic partners, using the labor of highly skilled workers, applying the construction works of the latest technologies, environmentally friendly building materials provides building and construction services in accordance with high quality standards of the construction industry.

The main areas of specialization are:

  • design and construction of building structures (civil and industrial);
  • capital construction of housing, hotels, industries and recreational objects;
  • general contractor in construction;
  • groundworks;
  • construction of engineering networks, including external and internal networks of water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, specialized data networks and communications;
  • rendering of specialized equipment;
  • renovation and conversion of offices, hotels, factories, individual housing;
  • acquisition and delivery of construction and finishing materials;
  • construction and repair of roads, bridges;
  • construction of dams and coast protection;
  • construction, repair, painting, anticorrosion/abrasive blasting of metal constructions and insulation of gas pipelines and gas equipment;
  • construction and installation works;
  • preparatory work;
  • device construction sites.

For qualitative and fast execution of the above works, LLC "PMK-77" has a strong base of specialized equipment, namely:

Bulldozer САТ D-8 2 units
Bulldozer KOMATSU D-65 ех 4 units
Excavator HYUNDAI 250 6 units
Excavator KOMATSU 340 2 units
Excavator LIBHER 902 4 units
Dump Truck KrAZ 6510 20 units
Pipelayer on the basis of Е-170 4 units
МАN 32t, dump truck MAN TGA 41.400/41,360  30 units
The crane on the basis of KAMAZ 20t 2 units
Telescopic tower AGP 22 2 units
Compressor ATLAS COPCO XAS 979, Compair DLT0404(capacity of 5.5 cubic meters/min) 4 units
Paint machine WIWA WIVA 6 units
Sandblasting and abrasive machines 4 units
Welding equipment ARС-KIND 300, welding generator AGT WAGT 220DC HSB, Portable generator SGB3001Ha, the welding unit ADD-2 × 250/5,5, air handling unit, Pump Honda WT20X - WT30X - WT40X, electric deep vibrator, pneumatic punching machine58G862, Karcher 695 НDS 11, jackhammer Proton OM-2000, Grinding machine Makita GA7020, concrete mixer BWA-200 and more..

LLC "PMK-77" has all necessary permits to conduct construction and installation works including: License for carrying out economic activity related to creation of architectural objects and the permission to perform high risk work.

Our main customers are:

- Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration;
- Ivano-Frankivsk city Council;
- The Department of public utilities, transport and communication of Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk city Council;
- Management of capital construction of Ivano-Frankivsk city Council;
- Road service in Ivano-Frankivsk region;
- Ivano-Frankivsk regional Department for melioration and water management;
- State enterprise "Prykarpattia regional Directorate of water management for construction" ;
- Management of construction and infrastructure development Kalush city Council;
-Department of regional development, town planning and architecture of the Kosovo RGA;
- The enterprise of housing and utilities of Morshyn city council;
- Skhidnytske village council of Boryslav Lviv region;
- UMG "Prykarpattransgas";
- Volyn regional state administration;
- Volyn regional Department of water resources;
-PJSC "Volyn-Cement" ;
- and others.


LLC "PMK-77" operates openly and transparently for both the contractor and the end user of services.
LLC "PMK-77" has numerous recommendations and testimonials from Clients and individuals, and awards of public authorities to confirm the quality of performed work.

Flexible individual approaches in working with clients allows us to work under the slogan:

We perform any works associated with construction activity!!!

The specialists of our company perform the work qualitatively, timely and in compliance with the standards and requirements of the Customer and using years of personal experience. Our specialists are licensed, highly qualified with extensive industrial experience engineers, engineers-estimators, engineers architects, engineers and designers of various industries, foremen, highly skilled craftsmen, workers of various specialties and areas of work.

Taking into account our considerable experience of quality work on construction of objects of different complexity, we suggest you to consider our company for participation in your projects.

Form our side we ensure the accurate compliance with contractual obligations, flexible and timely solution of problems arising in the work process, and to meet the highest customer requirements.
We hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.

Additional information

1. Full and abbreviated title:
The Limited Liability Company "PMK-77", LLC "PMK-77".
2. Name of the constituent document under which the Company operates, its number and date:
Charter of Limited Liability Company "PMK-77" (new edition), approved by the General meeting of participants of Limited Liability Company "PMK-77" from 27 January 2014, Protocol No. 1. Registration date: 30.01.2014 held year, a record number 11191050010008016.
3. The venue and date of the state registration of the Company:
m. Ivano-Frankivsk, Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk city Council, 25.03.2010.
4. The legal status of the Company:
A legal entity registered according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
5. Legal form:
Limited liability company.
6. Ownership: private.
7. Legal address:
76018, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vovchynetska Str.,26,
8. Postal address:
76018, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vovchynetska Str.,26,
9. Bank details: acc. 26008272902 MFO 380805 ind. Nr.36996741Bank "Raiffeisen Bank Aval
10. Tel./Fax: +38(0342) 71-16-55, +38(0342) 77-00-75.

Director of LLC "PMK-77"                                                                       Volodymyr Lyudera